Sting Log

When people find out I have bees, their first question is always, "Do you ever get stung?" Well, yeah, of course, I do, so I thought it would be fun to create a log of all the times I've been stung. These are listed with most recent stings first.

Total stings since I started keeping bees in 2013: 112

2019 - Total for the year so far: 1

  • 2 - Both legs got a jab while making a shook swarm. After being out of practice for a year, I've remembered an important lesson. Don't shake bees into a box that's sitting on the ground right where you need to work. Put the box off a little ways.
  • 5 - Everyone says swarms don't sting, but apparently everyone is wrong. For the most part, the bees were really mellow. But then one of them stung me in the right hand, and after that, it became a free-for-all.
  • 1 - Jab in the right thigh. Ouch! I'd forgotten how much they can hurt.
2018 - Total for the year: 0

  • Took a year off. Look! No stings!
2017 - Total for the year: 12

  • 1 - Pad of 4th finger on right hand. Gloves may give one confidence, but they don't necessarily prevent stings.
  • 2 - Inside of right thigh. One sting was delivered after walking over 100' away from the hive. I hate Persephone.
  • 2 - Back of left thigh near the hip. Baggy trousers are quite cool during inspections. The downside is that bees can fly up your pants. Also stung in the right pinky. Don't normally count stings on gloves, but this one pierced the leather and penetrated my skin, and it hurt. A LOT.
  • 1 - Back of left thigh. Was just standing there minding my own beeswax. So undeserved.
  • 1 - Left middle finger. I didn't even realize I'd been stung until I noticed the stinger & guts hanging off my finger. No wonder my kids complain about my hands being too rough.
  • 1 - Back of right thigh for no particular reason
  • 2 - Peach went completely psycho on me and bees started swarming my hands as soon as I opened the hive. Only 2 penetrated my gloves, but it was kind of freaky. Even worse, I was showing the bees to someone interested in getting some. Not a great first impression girls!
  • 1 - jab to left thigh
  • 1 - left hand

2016 - Total for the year: 34

  • 2 - 1 in belly, one on right temple. At least that second sting will smooth the laugh lines in my face.
  • 1 - Back of left thigh while in garage. Come on, now! I wasn't even close to the hives, and now I can't sit down.
  • 4 - Left foot. I might be going barefoot to church tomorrow.
  • 2 - Right and left thighs. Glad they're keeping the swelling even.
  • 3 - Left thigh and belly, through clothing. Even though they were through clothing, the belly sting was more painful than I might have imagined. One bee flew up my skirt and stung my right thigh.
  • 3 - Front of left thigh, right upper arm, and back of left thigh. For that, I stole their honey.
  • 1 - Arch of right foot. I think a bee got caught between my foot & flip flop.
  • 2 - One on each hand. If you were wondering whether gardening gloves are sufficient protection against stings, the answer is no.
  • 2 - Right forearm -- one crawled up my sleeve. Right 4th finger -- through the glove, but it hurt like a son of a gun.
  • 1 - Right forearm. Just having a conversation with someone in the yard. Wish the bees would mind their own "beesiness"
  • 1 - Right thigh. Dang bee flew up my pants. Hurt like a bee-tch, too. Actually considered dropping trou in the yard just to get the poison sac out.
  • 3 - Right elbow, left wrist, and right knee. Looks like a "get all the joints" kind of day. That's alright. No arthritis for me.
  • 2 - 1 on top of head, 1 on right thigh. The sting on the leg isn't so bad, but the one on my head has given me a headache. The worst thing about it is that I have to wait for someone to come home and check that the stinger is out.
  • 3 - 2 on right hand, 1 behind right knee. A bee had to have flown up my skirt to give me that one. Sheesh!
  • 1 on face, 1 left thigh, 1 right thigh. I guess they really did not want to be inspected. Or else they just hate me.
  • Throat -- I have no idea why, but my bees are really nasty today. They kept going after me for no reason; I wasn't even inspecting the hives -- was standing way the heck away from them.
  • Back of right hand. 
  • Pad of right index finger -- It's still January. WTH!?!
2015 - Total for the year: 32

  • 5 stings while harvesting honey. Totally worth it.
  • Right thumb. Doing some work on the hive. Dang, they really have a thing for this particular location.
  • Right thumb. Replacing bars and got zapped.
  • Right thumb. Trying to rescue a bee that was trapped in a window.
  • Left thigh. Blame protective clothing for this one.
  • 2 - left wrist & behind left knee
  • 2 - left ring finger, right shoulder while repairing damage from bear attack.
  • 4 - left middle finger, left palm, right ring finger, right wrist. I've had it with these bees. There will be consequences.
  • 4 - One on each forearm and upper arm. I guess they wanted to keep me balanced.
  • Underside of right wrist
  • Right ear.
  • 2 - Left bicep and left forearm.
  • Right forearm.
  • Left ring finger, next to the distal interphalangeal joint.
  • 2 today -- Along the edge of right hand. Left ring finger right next to the nail -- so painful I actually cursed a little. 
  • Left index finger. Looking forward to some loose joints.
  • Right side of chin. This was a particularly wicked one that numbed all my teeth for hours and hours.
  • Left hand, pad on middle finger while reversing comb.

2014 - Total for the year: 12

  • Left hand, thenar eminence. I don't know why, but man, does this sting hurt! Definitely one of the more painful ones I've had.
  • Right cheek. Again. Tried to add 2 empty bars of comb to back of hive. Klutzy me accidentally dropped bars right into the hive. A whole mess of bees flew straight up at my head (thankfully, I was wearing a veil). One burrowed under the veil, though, and got my in the face.
  • Stung on the right cheek while trying to add a jar of syrup.
  • One on the left hand while opening the observation window.
  • One on the right hand, middle finger during an inspection. (The bee had a sense of humor.) Accidentally knocked a bee, and she retaliated. I deserved it, though. One should never hit a girl. 
  • 3 stings. Left thumb; left index finger, proximal joint; right hand
  • I got stung in the left shoulder while feeding the bees. This tells me two things 1) The girls in Hippolyte are super cranky in the morning. 2) I'm completely untrainable, since nearly every time I go near that hive, I get stung, yet I still forget to take a jacket. Seriously. I deserve to get stung.
  • One on the right side of my jaw. While brushing an ant nest off my bars, I accidentally brushed a bee. She retaliated with a right hook, giving new meaning to the phrase, "Float like a butterfly; sting like a bee."
  • One on the scalp. While feeding the bees, several whizzed right out of the hive straight for my head, and one burrowed down into my hair where it got me. Unfortunately, I had my 4-year-old with me -- no protection since we were just changing the feeders. Hopefully, she hasn't been scarred for life by my yelling, "Run away from me! Run!" while I drew the ire of my angry women away from her.
  • One on top of my right foot near the ankle while installing a package of bees.

2013 - Total for the year: 14

  • 2 - 1 on left thumb and 1 on right thumb while trying to repair damage from 2nd and 3rd bear attack.
  • 4 stings while trying to repair the damage from a bear attack. One to the back of the right thigh, two on the right calf (1 bee crawled up my pants, the other stung me through my jeans), one in the right side.
  • 1 on the left temple. At the time, the bees were really pissy, and I was attributing the foul temper to autumn weather. Now I know a bear had been nosing around.
  • One on a hand while cleaning up fallen comb.
  • 1 above the right eyebrow because the bee got ticked off after being tangled in my hair. Whole face swelled. I call this the "Beetox" incident.
  • 2 - One on the left thigh and one in the left breast (ow! This incident is known as "the boob job"). No good reason. I was just sitting down looking through the observation window. Maybe they didn't like what I was wearing.
  • One in the right leg. Can't remember why.
  • 2 - One in the right arm and one on the right hand while hiving the bees.


  1. My record was 25 in one evening of not so smart bee transfer to my log hive. I hadn't tucked my bee suit into my jeans and the bees crawled up INTO my bee suit. That's when I totally freaked out.

    1. 25! Yikes! I would've freaked, too! BTW, I found out the hard way that no matter what you do, bee suits/jackets are not impenetrable. You know those two zippers that keep the hood attached to the jacket? Last year, a little bee somehow crawled into the teeny, weeny gap where those two zippers meet. It didn't sting me, but it was flying way too close to my eyeballs for comfort.

      Bee Beard is gorgeous, though, so you suffered for a good cause! :-)

  2. My My, you get stung a lot. I've kept bee for nine years and been stung a few times! Having said that... I need to find some wood to knock upon!

    1. Yes, I sure do! I don't know if it's because my bees are cranky or I'm inept. Most likely, I'm not doing myself any favors when I buzz about without any protective gear on.

      On the other hand, whenever I get stung, the skin surrounding the sting becomes soft and youthful-looking. Sometimes, beauty has to be bought at a hard price. LOL!


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