Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Rudi Peters - Overwinter Hive Sensor Discoveries

A week or so ago, my friend Scott from Sweet Spot Apiary shared this really interesting video with me.

The speaker, Rudi Peters, shares his observations comparing insulated vs. uninsulated hives. He keeps Langs, but I think that his notes will be interesting to TBH beeks as well.

Rudi Peters - Overwinter Hive Sensor Discoveries from BCHPA on Vimeo.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Korean Honey for New Year's

One of my favorite YouTube channels is The Korean Englishman. The guys who produce it just seem adorably goofy and sweet and fun. It's also completely family-friendly, so it's good to watch with my kids, who are interested in their own Korean heritage.

Anyway, they recently posted a new video showing honey packaged as a New Year's gift. As a beekeeper, it was really interesting because I kept trying to figure out how they packaged it.

I thought the different colors of honey were noteworthy because I couldn't figure out if they just got honey from different flows in the same box, or if it some of it was honeycomb and some backfilled brood comb. They never zoom in close enough, so it's hard to tell.

The other thing I noticed after they cut it was that the combs were attached to the sides of the box -- it looks like they actually just packaged a complete hive box. But I didn't see any bars or frames, so how did they do it? Did they maybe just stack a bunch of boxes, let the bees build down, and then slice through the boxes? Hmmm... Really interesting.

In any case, I love design and marketing, so this was just such a cool idea!