Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Little Buggers

As I was working by the kitchen window this morning, a black shadow caught my attention. It was a big black bear with three cubs.

Mama and a couple of her babies by the chicken coop

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One of the things that I like about my bear fence is that the "rails" are made of a plastic tape that has metal woven through it. So if you accidentally brush it, you won't get a shock. You have to clamp on to it with your hands (or mouth if you're a critter) to move it. But then it really does deliver a powerful shock. It's a great feature when you have lots of little ones in the yard.

However, it looks like I'll have to rethink this design since Boo Boo can slip right under the rails.

Look at that rapscallion! He sneaked in and out twice this morning!

I predict a trip to Tractor Supply in the very near future. I'm swapping those tapes out for the kind of wire my grandpa used for his cattle pen. Instantaneous zap. Sorry kids.


  1. Isn't nature wonderful! At least you were there and were able to shoo them off before they did some damage! Having lived in that area for a brief time, I'm always amazed that bears are a problem - I think of it as being too "urban". But their habitat has been disturbed, so they might as well move into the neighborhoods where the scavenging is easier. Just wish it wasn't your bee yard.

    The video shows why you should never climb a tree to escape a bear though! They are quick!

    1. Nature IS wonderful! Even when I have to yell at it! :-)

      Yeah, you wouldn't think that someone with a movie theater and tons of big box stores down the road would have a bear problem, but there you are. My town has one of the highest bear populations in the state.

      They are soooooo cute, though. Wish I could cuddle one. :-)

  2. They are cute but I am surprised they didn't go after the chickens. Seems with one swipe they could have that screen down in no time. My friends got bees last year and the bear took down both hives and got into their barn. Tore some of the siding off and even made the front page of the newspaper. They never did catch it but the paw print was pretty big.
    Another friend videoed a bear climbing the tree and it took down the hornets nest for her. It seemed like seconds

    1. Hi, Trudy! They have gone after the chickens! One of the babies has made some scratch marks on the coop, and I saw one nosing around the chickens that same morning -- just didn't get a photo. Reinforcing the seams is another task on my to-do list. Fortunately, with all the berries and whatnot coming into season now, the bears probably have easier targets.

      So sorry about your friend's hives. :-( It's tough seeing one's hive spread out all over the ground. Hopefully, the queen is ok. There should still be enough time left for them to recuperate.

      On the other hand, I'd love to have some ursine exterminators take out some yellow jacket nests. LOL!


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