Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Everyone's got babies

A couple months ago, my friend JB took a nuc from me. He invited me over this morning to see the bees. It was wonderful to see them doing so well.  Even though they're not mine anymore, I still think of them as my babies.

TBH made from the nuc I started. JB even made a split from them into the Lang.

Anyway, JB also generously gifted me with a zillion hostas. As I was digging them into the ground, a buzzing like the sound of a helicopter whizzed by my head. It turned out to be a cicada killer wasp. I love these bugs. Although they're quite large (about 2" - 2.5" long), cicadas are even bigger. Somehow, the wasps still manage to paralyze them and drag them home. I've even seen them flying dozens of feet up in the air latched onto their prey. Thank goodness they're not human-sized -- they'd be unstoppable.


  1. Wow, that's determination! I just looked up what they do with the cicada (laying an egg under the leg and the larva eats the cicada). A tasty meal for the baby to come!

    You must be a proud momma! If my hives make it through the winter, I'll probably have to follow your lead and distribute my splits. I don't think I can take care of any more hives at this point (okay, maybe one or two more).

    1. LOL! Yep, I always say that I'm out of space/time, too, but so far, I keep squeezing in at least one more, too. :-)

  2. How funny. I was just speaking with a women at the bee booth of our county fair. She has a cicada killer wasp nest right near their back deck that re-establishes itself every year. They have young kids so do not appreciate them! They've had exterminators in to no avail, the colony just establishes itself in a new hole a few days later. I suggested she do her own research as the exterminators are probably just killing the top layer of workers, and the survivors are digging a new way out. Good to know somebody loves them!

    Nice to see your bees spreading throughout the world!

    1. The wasp holes are unsightly (to some), but the wasps are not aggressive at all since they prefer cicadas to people. We have a number of nests in the yard and have never been stung. Fingers crossed that the lady from the fair learns to appreciate them one day -- they really are neat to watch, and young kids love them (ironically).

      I like seeing my bees spread, too -- more TF genes in my area! :-)


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