Saturday, May 7, 2016

Here comes the rain again...

The past couple of years, we'd have temps in the 70's and lots of sun by this time of year. This year, it seems like April showers are just bringing more May showers. The bees would be buzzing and storing up honey like mad. Not so this year.

Lately, I've felt like Annie Lennox singing about the rain, and it's definitely falling in my head like a tragedy. It will just Not. Let. Up.

For the past two weeks, it's been cold and wet and damp, day after day. This weather has been great for the fruit trees I dug in recently, but not so great for the bees. It's killing me, too, because I'm watching all the dogwoods, magnolias, and crabapples bloom, but the bees won't get any of it.

I hate opening the hives in this weather, so I haven't done a proper check on them in a while. Even worse, I hate feeding, but if this keeps up, I'm going to do both.

If anyone has a no-rain dance, please, do it!


  1. I feel your pain except for us it's been cold and snow every weekend for the past month! I've had to scoot out of work during the week to tend bees this spring. No snow this weekend, but the rain is about to start. Luckily, I got in some inspections on Thursday when it was up in the 80's! I have no sign of queens in my split or swarm that I could see and I'd like to make another inspection in a few days, but I don't think the weather will be very good. You should get some nicer weather Tues & Thursday, but what's left of the polar vortex looks to be settled into the northeast for the next week or so. At least it's not snowing! ;-)

  2. Ugh. What rotten weather for you, too, although at least you're catching swarms! I looked in Austeja's obs window yesterday, and she's looking kind of crowded. My concern is that they're all building swarm cells since a couple of weeks ago, I was starting to see lots of queen cups.

    My weather forecast predicts sun Monday-Thursday this week, but my experience is that when there is a discrepancy between you and my phone's weather app, you're usually right. Sigh. Can't you just be wrong this once??? LOL! ;-)

    1. I'm wrong more often than not. ;-) You should have some sun, but some showers in the afternoons on Mon & Wed was what I saw. Should be warm enough to get in some peeks. Hope you find them all well. Happy Mother's Day!


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