Sunday, March 27, 2016

The bears are risen! They are risen indeed!

In a weird twist for someone who is a beekeeper, I absolutely adore bears, and seeing them always makes me feel like God is smiling down on me and sending me a little love note. So this morning, when most people are celebrating with bunnies, we had an Easter bear. :-)

Isn't he handsome?

This gorgeous fella came into our yard looking for some treats, but sadly found none. He did, however, find the empty hive that I've begun retrofitting with insulation. (More on that in another post.) I was a little slow in starting the video and pressed Play just after he had knocked the roof off the hive. Also, I've met this guy before (he's a regular at the compost pile), and he's not one to be trifled with, so the blur at the end is me running for the door. LOL!

Tooth mark. Dang! I just finished fixing this hive up yesterday!

While I don't mind him knocking an empty hive around a bit, the line was drawn when he started to sniff out our garbage can. After a lot of banging on windows and yelling, he eventually got the hint and left our trash unmolested. Digging through compost now and then is ok, but our garbage can is not an Easter basket.

Waddling off after being chastened

Anyway, if you have bears in your area, I highly recommend electric fencing. Our morning visitor looked longingly at the hives for awhile, but he must have been zapped before because he didn't make even the slightest move toward them.

No Easter treats for you. Sorry.

Well, I hear my littlest on the stairs, and that means chocolate eggs for breakfast unless I'm quick enough to intercept.

Happy Easter, everyone!


  1. Yowzah! I'm glad you have your bear fence and that it seems to work on this guy! He's huge! I love hearing the birds in the background of the video - our mornings are still kinda quiet. Happy Easter (again ;-))!

    1. When we lived in Jersey, there was an testy bear we used to call Sweetums. He must have been at least 600 lbs -- maybe more. He was ginormous! This guy is pretty big, too, though. We're still working on a name for him.

      Yes! The birds are all coming back from the south! It's quite a party at the feeder these days!

      Happy Easter to you all (again), too. One can never have too many wishes for a great day! :-)

  2. Is he a regular at the Top Bar? Glad to see your electric fence works.

    1. We have a number of bears that are regulars in my yard, but I know three of them by sight. There is a female who has tagged ears, a younger male, and this big guy. So far, though, the fence has worked. Las summer, I came home one day to see the tape rails all twisted up, but the hives were untouched -- and there haven't been any more attacks since! :-)


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