Monday, September 7, 2015

Feeling Thankful

Honey is an amazing, fantastical sort of thing to me. It's the distilled work of thousands of bodies and countless unpredictable factors in weather and forage -- not to mention my own sweat, tears, stings, and nights lain awake wondering what's going on in those hives.

This morning, as I savor honeycomb straight from the hive with my breakfast, I'm overwhelmed with the feeling of being blessed. I'm grateful for fine weather, for rain showers, for flowers, for gardens, for weeds, for the life in small creatures that drives them to be fruitful and multiply, for abundance, for overflow, and for sweetness



  1. Happy Labor Day! I'm glad you are enjoying the fruits of your bee's (and your) labor. Those strawberries look yummy and your gardens abundant!

    1. Happy Labor Day to you, too!

      Alas, not all of these photos are from my yard, which has been sadly neglected this year. However, they are from places nearby. The strawberries are from a natural farm within foraging distance. (They're basically organic, but can't afford jumping the hoops for the classification.) Sometimes, I like taking photos of places my bees might be visiting. :-)

      Enjoy the day off. Ironically, I must go labor now. My daughter has requested a new nuc.


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