Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bee Stings vs. Lyme Disease

Several days ago, I had been invited to a sales party for skin care products. The presenter was talking about how one of the products increased the collagen in "mature" skin. During the party, several people remarked on how smooth my skin was, and I joked that my secret is getting stung in the face a couple times every summer. That's how I increase my collagen.

All jokes aside, I really am convinced (or deluded) that bee venom has curative properties. Yesterday, someone sent me a fascinating article from Discover (Thank you, Enabler!) that discusses the uses of venom in healing. It specifically mentions how "melittin [from bee venom] is a potent antimicrobial, fighting off a variety of bacteria and fungi with ease. And scientists are hoping to capitalize on this action to fight diseases like HIV, cancer, arthritis and multiple sclerosis."

This article also contains a wonderful story about a woman suffering extreme debilitation from Lyme disease was cured by the stings of Africanized honey bees. Ironically, she had been stung as a child and suffered an allergic reaction. She went her whole life avoiding bees until she was randomly attacked by some AHB. I highly recommend reading the article for that story.

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