Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Lame Shall Walk

I'd like to give a shout out to Don of Buddha and the Bees because I first heard about the lovely artwork that Slovenian beeks paint onto their hives from him in a post on Slovenian Bee-Geeking.

Anyway, today I want to share an example of this art form that was posted on one of my favorite Facebook pages, Historical Honeybee Articles - Beekeeping History a couple days ago (see below). This type of painting, called panjske kon─Źnice, dates back to the 18th centuryWhile the scenes painted on beehives may be religious, humorous, political, decorative, or just depict everyday life, this one definitely falls into the humorous category. Viewing it from right to left, you can see that it tells the story of a remarkable healing.

My husband mocks me because whenever someone has an ailment, I tell them to put some honey on it or to go and get stung. However, as you can see in the story illustrated above, bees really do have amazing curative properties. LOL!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. That's a great article about that museum and so nice to hear about the couple's effort to save the beekeeping history. I have yet to put the painting I bought on my hive, but will post a pic when I do. Let your DH scoff - there's power in the products of the hive.

    Looks like you missed the worst of stormzilla (my sister says they'll have about a foot), but it'll be cold for a while with another shot for snow on Sunday night. Hope your girls stay warm - I was surprised by your pics of them flying in the cold. My girls have been flying the past few days - it was 77 yesterday. ;-) There are reports of bees here bringing in maple pollen (which is really early) - I didn't see any on my bees though. The countdown to Spring clock is ticking away!

    1. 77 degrees sounds -- that sounds almost tropical to my ears! The thought of pollen sounds exciting!

      When I started beekeeping, someone told be that bees wouldn't fly below 50 degrees, but now I think that I think about it, she had Italians. My girls are mutts, but with a lot of Carniolan/Russian in them, and they're quite hardy. I frequently see them making cleansing flights at about 38 degrees.

      Definitely, looking forward to photos of your hive once it's decked out! Enjoy your heat wave!


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