Thursday, January 29, 2015

Honey Bee Biology

I love National Honey  Show talks on YouTube. First of all, they have amazing speakers. Second, the production value is really good so one can actually tell what the speakers are saying.

Last night, I found a terrific talk by Dr. Jamie Ellis of the University of Florida on honey bee biology. While much of it is comprised of the basic facts that most beeks know, Dr. Ellis explains them in a humorous, entertaining, and sometime awe-inspiring way. Plus, he taught me some new things, too, so I felt this video was well worth sharing.

This second talk by Dr. Ellis is highly entertaining, though perhaps not so informative. However, I did learn the correct way to spell honey bee. If you have a spare half hour, perhaps while waiting for an appointment or while drinking your morning beverage of choice, you might enjoy it.

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