Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Show & Tell Hive

This morning, I read a great thread on BeeSource that was too terrific not to share. Someone built an observation hive that holds just one bar.

Here are the beek's notes on building it:
The frame sides and bottom are 2x4. The bottom is screwed to a piece of plywood for the base. The viewing area is plexiglass screwed to the frame. The top of the frame is 2 pieces of 1x1 on each side, leaving a gap of 1.5" for the bar with comb, which is lowered in from the top. The ends of the comb bar rest on the side 2x4s.
The handled lid is a 1x4, which is then screwed through the ends of the combed top bar and down into the 2x4 sides with 4" wood screws. That way the lid can't be removed while being viewed. The screw heads are star bitted so some nut can't pull out a pocket phillips and try to remove them. 

When he wants to do a demo, he pops in the bar with the queen, takes her out for the day, and then puts her back in her hive at home when he's done. Love it!

Periodically, I get people (like preschool teachers) asking me if I would talk about bees with their kids. Next time it happens, I'm going to build one of these. It would be a great show-and-tell.

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