Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mike's Beehives

Mike, one of the guys in my local beekeeping club, builds hives, and I wanted to share his work. You may say, "These are Langs! Why are you posting these on a top bar site?" However, they are really well-crafted, and I admire quality work of any kind. These hives caught my attention in particular since I personally build the world's most slip-shod hives. (BTW, I should note that Mike will build anything you want, so if you want a TBH or Warre, he can do that, too.)

This hive (which is currently pending patent) features:
  • Glass observation windows on the front and side. Glass is flush with the wall on the inside of the hive. He told me how they were fixed in place, but I forgot -- some sort of pin and glue, I think.
  • Slide out panels made of some sort of very thick plastic material. (I kind of like this because they slide very easily and look like they won't ever warp or scratch the windows.)
  • The slide out panels are right up against the windows, which is nice, too. A lot of hives with windows that I've seen have some space between the window and cover that has to be insulated in winter.
  • Vented quilt cover. The bottom of the cover is made of a fine-mesh screen.
  • Vented roof
  • Dovetail joints for stability and sturdiness
  • He can provide them painted or unpainted (Good news for nuts like me who graffiti their hives. ;-)
The quilt and vented roof remind me quite a lot of a Warre design, which is another reason why I liked this hive so much. If my shop skills ever improve, I'd love to make these slide-out windows on a Warre... Or maybe, I'll just order some boxes from Mike.

Anyway, if you are interested in contacting him, you can do so at Alternatively, you can find Mike's Beehives at:

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