Friday, September 26, 2014


I read blogs by beeks like my friend over at August Cottage Apiary battling mice, but honestly, it's not something I thought I'd have to deal with. After all, there is a hawk who lives in my yard, and I see her/him regularly swooping down to pick off chipmunks and other small rodents. That is, I never thought I'd have to deal with it until today.

This afternoon, I noticed a lot of bees nosing around my empty Warre. I thought they might be scout bees from an autumn swarm, so I opened up the hive to add some lemongrass oil as bait. However, this is what I found.  

It's hard to see in this photo, but the nest is quite
beautifully constructed. The moss is so green and soft.
I'd love for her to make me a bed.

Doesn't that nest look cozy?

Protecting her pups. Such a good mama.

We opened up the hive several times (each time that someone came home from school/work). By the fourth time, mama and papa didn't even bother leaving the nest. Apparently, we weren't much of a threat.

Naturally, they can't stay in the hive, but I haven't the heart to kill them either. I mean, look at them! How adorable is that litter? 

Cuteness factor 9,001, says my son

I've been formulating plans all day, and I think I've finally settled on a plan of action. Tomorrow, I'll make a box out of scrap wood, which I'll place inside the hive. I'll move the nest into it, and once mama and papa have settled into the new box, I'll move it out of the hive. Sounds nice and simple to me. Fingers crossed, my squatters will be relocated by Monday.


  1. Oh wow! You're so brave! Bees i can handle with my bare hands, but i avoid mice like the plague (and i use word "plague" quite intentionally!). :)

    As for your "barely cohesive" musings, i found them to be quite cohesive, thank you very much! In fact, your words beautifully captured the tug of war between treatment and treatment-free. I very much enjoyed the read ...

    Good luck with your bees, and good luck with the mice! You're a generous soul.

    1. Thanks so much for your very kind words. My husband is the generous one, though. He keeps trying to feed them! Oh, No, No, No! :-) LOL


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