Friday, September 19, 2014

Counting Mites Using a Powdered Sugar Roll

Lots of folks have been asking me whether I've done a mite count this year. The answer is no. Because I split my colonies, they all got a brood break. They also stopped producing drones in late July (which means they were hungry :( ). Therefore, the likelihood of having a mite infestation is pretty low. Indeed, while I'm sure there are probably mites in the hives, I haven't seen a single one this year. As a result, I haven't felt a mite count has been warranted.

However, I recently found some terrific instructions for doing a powdered sugar roll which I thought I'd share. These instructions are part of an informational poster produced by Gary S. Reuter and Marla Spivak at the University of Minnesota, which you can download in pdf format.

Yes, the instructions are illegible in this image. Download the pdf for a readable copy.

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