Thursday, August 21, 2014

Feeding Persephone

Sorry, no photos. I've been forgetting to take my phone out to the beeyard with me.

I've been watching Persephone closely ever since coming home. I'm worried about her because she just doesn't have the kind of action around the entrance that the other hives do.

The other entrances are buzzing with activity, and just about every bee that enters is loaded with pollen. By contrast, Persephone has had very few bees at the entrance, and very little pollen seems to be coming in.

I know part of the reason for this. I think the wood may have warped, so the divider bar no longer fits snugly. As a result, it's made an opening that some of the bees are using as an entrance. However, there are nowhere near the amount of bees next to this opening that I'd expect.

Persephone is also the last of my queens to emerge (around July 17), but she's not too far behind Austeja (about July 14). She's also in the spot with the least morning sun. Maybe these factors are creating the lack of activity that I see. Could the bees just be lying in bed late? Maybe. The activity does seem to pick up about 2 pm.

In any case, Tuesday morning, I broke down and gave her about a quart of syrup. By afternoon, half the jar was empty. I didn't check Wednesday morning (a miserable case of stomach flu laid me out for the day), but I assume it was gone by then. This morning, I added another quart for my thirsty girls.

Because I'm nosy, I peeked into the back of one of the nucs and noticed that it was getting filled nicely with honey. In fact, I see a lot of pollen coming into the other hives, so I think I'm going to hold off on feeding them even though the colonies are smaller than I'd like.

Hmm... I'm quite pleased actually by the amount of honey I saw in Bubblegum. I might have to do another inspection just to make sure they aren't running out of space.  Oh, the delightful headaches of beekeeping.

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