Monday, July 28, 2014

Persephone Gets a Makeover (Sort Of)

You may have noticed that I haven't posted any photos of Persephone yet. Partly, this is because I haven't made a proper roof for her yet (she has only a sheet of corrugated plastic at the moment), and it seemed unseemly to display her uncovered. After all, whenever Queen Elizabeth appears in public, she wears a hat at the very least.

The other reason is that she was hideous. Although I had plenty of yellow paint left, I was completely tired of that color. However, I didn't feel like going to the store, so I gave her an armload of spray paint cans and let her go to town. The resulting effect was... incongruous when compared to the other hives. However, when my daughter surveyed her work, she squealed with glee, "This is the most fun ever!!!"

Once fully painted, the hive needed a name, and Persephone seemed most appropriate. For starters, Persephone is associated with springtime abundance, which appealed to my sense of the auspicious. However, she is also the queen of the underworld, and the hive looked like hell.

This is why stores keep spray paint in locked cabinets.

My DH, though, likes orderliness in all things, and he has been bitterly complaining about Persephone's chaotic looks for the past couple of weeks. So at 5 am today, I stopped up the entrance and began painting over the graffiti. In a way, it's wonderful how beekeeping gives you opportunities to do the unimaginable. Certainly, I never thought I'd be standing in pitch blackness, flashlight in one hand, paintbrush in the other, smoker between my knees. Oh yes, I did need a smoker. Turns out that there was a small gap between a couple bars, so blocking the entrance was a waste of time. The bees still poured out, annoyed by the light and vibrations of the paintbrush trembling through their house.

During this process, I had an uncontrollable urge to listen to "Dancing in the Dark," though I sang my own lyrics, using a theme of "Painting in the Dark." I'll spare you the embarrassment of having to read them, though. You can thank me in the comments if you like. BTW, although bees can't hear, I don't think they appreciate The Boss as much as I do. Or perhaps, they just objected to my corny lyrics.

After. Ho hum yellow.
I feel like she's undergone a tattoo removal. 

Anyway, I finished up a first coat around quarter to 6, thinking the hive still looked like hell, but a yellow hell. It was nothing that another coat of paint couldn't sort out, though. By this time, my sister had woken up and was brewing coffee. She inquired about what I'd been up to and then said, "You know, it's supposed to rain this morning..."

Dang it, she's right. 30% - 60% chance of rain all day. Doh!

Took a trip to a local museum recently and saw this lovely piece of furniture
embellished with a pomegranate motif. This is my inspiration for
decorating Persephone... if I can ever get her painted.

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