Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I have a pick-up date!!!

Yesterday, I received confirmation from Sam Comfort of Anarchy Apiaries that I can pick up my bees on Saturday! Whoo hoo!!! When he asked me what time I would like to pick them up, I wanted to say, "As early as possible! Dawn!" However, good sense, decency, and courtesy prevailed. Instead, I indicated that 10 am would be ok.

So in the meantime, I'm pacing back and forth like a dad in a maternity ward, anxiously awaiting the arrival of my packages. At least, thanks to my daughter and trusty helper, we have "the nursery" painted and ready!

Rather than trying to name all the queens, we're just going to name the hives, now. You might remember that Hippolyte and Austeja were my queens last year.

Hippolyte -- Amazonian queen. Seems fitting for an all-female colony.

My princess helped with all the paintings, which is why there are smears and dots all over. My favorite painting, though, is  the one she did all by herself on the back of Austeja (upper right corner in image below). Definitely the image with the most talent!

Austeja is named after the Lithuanian bee goddess.
I think a goddess would like sunshine and flowers, don't you?

In a nod to my kids, we had to do a Nintendo theme. The next nuc will feature Pokemon, of course.
Seems nucs should be named after princesses since they're smaller.
Peach is my peach's favorite princess.

As you can see, we made sure to put a crown on each hive. After all, every queen needs her bling.

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