Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Snug as a Bug in a...

The forecast for this week predicts daytime temps in the 50's and evening temps in the 30's. Friday is even supposed to get down to 27 degrees F. Brrr....

So I decided that I should probably start insulating the hive. This weekend, I plugged up two entrances and added some styrofoam on top under the roof.

There is a gap between the windows and cover, so I also put some styrofoam in there as well.

I will definitely strap the roof down and maybe wrap a tarp around it to cut down on wind. However, the bees are still coming and going, bringing in orange and red pollen, so I haven't done it yet because I like to peek on them. The styrofoam is easy to pop out of the windows if I want a look.

Recently, I watched a video (below) of Sam Comfort from Anarchy Apiaries talking about the top bar and Warre hives that he keeps. At one point, he shows a hive that he was prepping for winter (somewhere around the 0:52:00 mark.) He does very, very little to prep his northern hives. His approach seems to be if they make it -- great. If they don't, he doesn't want them anyway.

In theory, I suppose that I agree with him. The only way to get survivor bees is to breed survivors, but when I have only one hive, the philosophy is a lot harder to put into practice than to say. So to my bees, I say, "Stay warm and toasty, girls!"

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