Saturday, July 27, 2013

Interactive Pollen Chart

I love seeing the various pollen colors that come into the hive. I used to think that pollen was yellow, but I'm quickly finding out that nature displays as much variety in this area as in any other, which is to say, quite a lot.

Since June, I've seen red, orange, yellow, and tan colored pollens clinging to the bee's legs. Right now, the girls are mostly bringing in an off-white hued pollen.

Of course, I had  to start researching what they were bringing in. Wikipedia has some small charts on various pollen colors. There were a few other sources that I looked at as well, but I think my favorite one online is an interactive chart on the Sheffield Beekeeper's site.

Truthfully, I've only been able to identify a yellowish-orange pollen because I actually saw the bees gathering it. I think that the color charts don't necessarily come across quite right on a computer monitor. Or maybe, as in the case of the Sheffield Beekeeper's site, I simply have different flora in my area. I guess I'll have to order a better resource from Amazon. ("Oh, darn, I'll have to get another book," says the woman who has more books than a third-world country. LOL)

The orangish pollen comes from St. John's wort
(the bush type, not the creeping kind)

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