Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Inspection at 9 and 16 days

Last week, I peeked through the observation glass on my hive, and I saw queen cups along the edges of two bars of comb. I had to look inside. So I opened the hive and looked at the 5 or so combs near the back of the hive. There were more queen cups -- at least 6 of them, and some toward the center of the comb.

Do you see the queen cup?

Talk about freaked out. All of a sudden, my mind started racing -- queen cups were going to turn into queen cells and then they were going to swarm and this wasn't supposed to happen until next year and I don't want to lose my bees! (deep breaths, deep breaths)

Frantically, I checked my network of beeks who assured me that queen cells were a normal part of the hive. Until I saw eggs or larvae in them, or until I saw capped queen cells, I should just pull myself together.

Curiously, I did another inspection of those bars on Tuesday. (Sooner than I would've liked, but we had thunderstorms forecast for the next week or so. It was my window of opportunity and I took it.) There were a few queen cells, but most of them seemed to be gone. Maybe the girls deconstructed them. Who knows what goes on in their little bee brains? I guess being fickle is still a woman's prerogative. ;-)

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