Monday, November 2, 2015

Moving on up to the East Side

Last Tuesday, Sam Comfort gave a talk one of the bee clubs in my state. Though I'd love to join the club, I'm not a member because their meetings are always on school nights, which is tough when you have 3 kids. However, the beekeeping community in my state is a tightly-knit group, so the very next day a few people who attended emailed me about it. One person even kindly sent photos with his message:

What do you think of these pics, Julie?

The first two you obviously recognize - your sweetie-pie - but did you know that she is now famous and featured as an important part of Sam’s presentation … getting young people involved with honey bees? You were named as well!  ;-)

Look at that. My blog made it into an oft-requested speaker's presentation. Per my DH, I'm in the big leagues now! LOL!

(Actually, to be fair, it wasn't a total surprise. Last year, when Sam spoke at my bee club's summer picnic, he mentioned wanting to include these photos in his presentation. It's just kind of fun to see the updated slides.)


  1. You're a star! Cute pics of the kids!

  2. I think it's big time cool, not everyone can say this.

    1. Thanks, Mavis. I have to admit that it really is fun seeing my princess in Sam's slides. :-)


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