Sunday, August 30, 2015

Not Much Going On

I haven't written a post about my bees in quite awhile now. The fact is that I really haven't done anything with them in a couple of weeks. 

Experience from previous years has taught me that, unless they're being fed, my bees don't do much building after the  summer solstice. Even if I insert empty bars, they don't really touch them. Instead, they seem to focus on maintaining population so that they can gather fall honey and make it through winter. So that's why I've been mostly leaving them alone... until today.

I cracked open the splits just to remove empty syrup jars. I don't think I'll feed Bubblegum anymore. Elsa and Buttercup could use some heavy feeding, though. Tomorrow, I'll make up some syrup for them.

The asters have just started to bloom. I especially love the pink and purple ones.

Asters and goldenrod

Japanese knotweed began blooming about 4 weeks ago, I think, and it's still going strong. Although it's an invasive non-native, I'm always happy to see it because it's an excellent source of nectar. So-called bamboo honey is actually from Japanese knotweed, which has a sort of bamboo-looking stalk.

Incidentally, several months ago, I was watching one of my British mystery shows, when the erudite Cambridge-educated Sergeant Hathaway questioned a suspect about the Japanese knotweed she was pruning. For the record, I don't know what kind of vine she was working on, but it wasn't knotweed, which is the feathery white stuff in the image below.

Japanese knotweed

Hopefully, you're enjoying the rest of your summer and looking forward to a fall harvest.


  1. I'm hoping to get by with just natural honey stores instead of feeding this fall. BnB2 has so much excess honey that I think I'll distribute to other hives. Our fall forage seems to pale in comparison to yours. I definitely see a slowdown in the hives - less brood, fewer drones. I hope to get a post about what's going on in my yard this weekend.

    Kinda off topic, but for some reason your post reminded me of this. If you haven't seen the movie, "Mr. Holmes", have a date night with your DH and see it on the big screen. Great film about an aging Sherlock and his work with bees.

    1. That's awesome that BnB2 has done so well! Kudos!

      Thanks for reminding me about Mr. Holmes! I've been wanting to see that, but my DH is in Brussels and Zurich until the end of next week. I think he's taking next Friday off, so maybe we can have a movie date while the kids are in school! Yippee!


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